Staff Contacts - Departments

All department heads may be reached by phone through our Main Directory at 907.346.2133. Listen to the extensions to find the right department to meet your needs.

patrick lampi, executive director

I am from Silverdale, Washington and moved to Alaska in 1973. I began at the zoo in 1986. I was a zookeeper until I became Curator in 1993. I was promoted to Executive Director in 2005. Some of my favorite experiences have been raising bear cubs, training raptors and leading programs. I make jewelry and other items from antlers shed by zoo reindeer and moose. These antler creations are for sale in our Gift Shop.

Shannon Jensen, animal curatoR

I am originally from Washington and graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor of science degree in Wildlife Biology. I was hired as a zookeeper in 1995. My interests within the animal field include wildlife nutrition, behavioral enrichment, training with positive reinforcement and animal behavior. I was promoted to Curator in September 2005. I oversee the health, enrichment and well-being of all of the Alaska Zoo's animals.

Stephanie Hartman, Education Director

My husband and I moved to Anchorage after graduating from Washington State University in 2006. I began at the Alaska Zoo as a zookeeper working with birds, otters, black bears, moose, wolves and polar bears. After four years, I joined the Education Department as Camp Coordinator and then Education Director. The Alaska Zoo has given me many phenomenal opportunities and by far the best is my relationship with the zoo's wolf pack that I have been privileged enough to have raised and continue to interact with since their arrival in 2006.

Kevin Pickel, Project and Facilities Manager

I am originally from Lancaster, PA. My wife and I moved to Alaska in 1992. I was initially hired by the zoo in 1992 to be a carpenter. My experience included attending Technical School and 6 years of carpentry, including certification. Two years after starting at the zoo, I became Maintenance Director. My duties and experience at the zoo include plumbing, electrical work, and both exhibit and general maintenance. I also supervise other staff. I was recently promoted to Project Manager, supervising the construction of several new projects.

Heather Doncaster, Volunteer Coordinator

I am from Quincy, Washington and moved to Alaska in August 2004. I have an A.A. degree from Wenatchee Valley College, and a B.S. in Biology Education and Art Education from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID. I am a science/art teacher at Clark Middle school and was hired as Volunteer Coordinator in September 2005. I enjoy giving Discovery tours and helping with zoo babies in the summer. I hang out with my own tiny home zoo of "the world's cutest tiny dog", cats, fish, turtles, a parakeet, a mouse and chickens! I am honored to work with the finest group of people in the world - Alaska Zoo volunteers!

Jamie Gagnon, Coffee Shop Manager

I oversee all operations of the Alaska Zoo's Coffee Shop. I supervise the staff, do the ordering and ensure that the Coffee Shop serves good food to customers in a clean and healthy environment.

Sue Hedge, Gift Shop Manager

I oversee the ordering, sales, layout, stocking and staff of the Gift Shop located just outside the main zoo entrance. I ensure that we offer the highest quality items for sale to our customers. I enjoy meeting visitors, answering questions, working with my staff and managing inventory.

kassandra kay, Admissions Manager

I oversee the Admissions staff and procedures for checking visitors into the zoo through the entrance. My job involves answering customer questions, training staff, handling the flow of finances at the entrance and providing communication with other staff throughout the zoo. I also oversee the concessions area.

Michael Langman, Rentals Coordinator

I oversee the rental facilities at the zoo and the scheduling for all events involving rentals of the Gateway Hall, lawn and Coffee Shop greenhouse. Customers work with me to ensure their rental events are set up to their desires and their needs are met during their time using zoo facilities.