Event Sponsors

Businesses and organizations who sponsor zoo events provide vital support for these community opportunities while gaining visibility among zoo visitors.

Here are three reasons why your business or organization should sponsor a zoo event:

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create community opportunities

While the zoo has always provided programs and events to the community, the time and resources they take are limiting if we have no outside support. We would not be able to offer nearly the quantity or quality of events and programs we have if it weren't for sponsors. Some sponsors even adopt events each year, ensuring they will continue annually.

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gain visibility among visitors

The Alaska Zoo has a broad base of supporters, donors, annual members, out-of-state visitors and regular patrons. Many who grew up in Anchorage also grew up walking the zoo's trails. We offer sponsors visibility in front of these consumers through logos in advertising, event listings on our website, newsletters, marketing emails and at the zoo.

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show support of our mission

All zoo events and programs have elements of wildlife education, conservation and animal rescue/responsibility. As an event sponsor, you will be aligning yourself with our messaging in the eyes of the public. As the only zoo in Alaska dedicated to animal rescue and education for close to 50 years, we are a positive entity to connect with in the public arena.