School Animal Adoptions

our animal adoption program is perfect for school groups, classrooms and Pta groups!

Download our School Animal Adoptions flyer to learn how these symbolic animal adoptions are great for students of all ages.

school animal adoption program

Adopting an animal at The Alaska Zoo is a fun and unique way to involve students in helping to feed and care for the 100-plus animals and over 40 species who call the zoo home. The adoption program provides philanthropic, educational and conservation elements that can benefit your students’ social growth and development.

The Alaska Zoo is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic, and like climate species through education, research, and community enrichment. For almost 50 years we have worked closely with state and federal agencies to provide or find permanent homes for orphaned and injured animals, including 11 orphaned bear cubs in the summer of 2017. Adoption fees support this mission and help the zoo cover the expenses of animal care and facility operations.

“The snow leopard experience from The Alaska Zoo was amazing. We were looking to find a great incentive to raise the most money for our annual Jog-a-Thon fundraiser that the students would remember. The snow leopard is our mascot, so the PTA thought it would be a great learning opportunity to have the winning class adopt a snow leopard and get a chance to visit him at the zoo. We raised more money than the previous year for our school, and the fifth grade class who won said it was the best field trip they have ever had. It was a win-win and something we hope to continue in the future.”
— Liz Ross, Alpenglow PTA

Adoptions are good for one year from the date of purchase and are available from $30 - $1000 levels.


Each class or school that adopts at any level:

  • Has their name displayed on our Zoo Parents’ Board near the entrance

  • Receives an adoption certificate, animal history sheet, and a letter of adoption

Classes that adopt at the:

  • $200 or $250 animal level also receive a guided tour for up to 30 guests (discounted school adoption admission rates of $7/student and $10/adult apply; chaperone to student ratio of 1:5 for ages 12 & under and 1:10 for ages 13 & above required).

  • $300 animal level also have their name displayed by their animal’s enclosure.

  • $500 animal level also receive an invitation to watch their animal receive an enrichment; two students may participate in the enrichment with a signed release from their parent/guardian.

  • $1,000 animal level also receive 20 complimentary student admissions for the guided tour.

Adoptions at the $200 level and above may:

  • For an additional $40 add an on-grounds hands-on animal detective program.

  • For an additional $75 add a 30 minute on-grounds ambassador animal presentation (contact us for available animal options).

View additional zoo experiences to purchase on our Outreach Page.

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