Mobility and Cart Rides

If you are planning a zoo visit and have mobility concerns, we offer motorized cart rides.

  • Non-members: Zoo admission and the mobility cart ride fee ($20) must be paid in advance online to reserve.

  • Annual members: No admission purchase required, just pay the $20 cart fee online to reserve and be sure to have your membership upon arrival at the zoo.

  • Check-in: All admission tickets and ride fees purchased online will be scanned by staff upon arrival. Print your tickets or have them on your phone for scanning.

Things to remember when scheduling your ride:

  • Your ride must be scheduled ONE WEEK in advance of the ride date as a courtesy to our volunteer drivers.

  • We have one cart with modified seating, so we can only accommodate up to 3 passengers.

  • Rides have a 2 hour time limit.

  • We cannot drive the cart over the back bridges, so the following habitats will be excluded from the cart ride: Mountain goat, Dall sheep, snow leopard, brown bear and the trumpeter swan creek area.

  • The $20 cart ride fee must be pre-paid online. You will be contacted following your paid reservation to receive final notice of your ride date/time.

  • Rides may not be available if your requested date falls on a zoo event date. An alternate date choice may be required.

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