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Helping Kids feel better, one stuffed bear at a time

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When a child is ill and staying in the hospital, it takes many efforts big and small to help them feel better. While doctors and nurses do their best to help their bodies heal, the zoo feels it can make a difference by providing something from the animal world - a soft, cuddly bear! While our real bears may not wish to cuddle, these plush teddy bears don't seem to mind and they lift the spirits of each child who receives one.

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This is where you come in! We are offering these bears up as donations from you to children staying at both the Children's Hospital at Providence and the Alaska Native Medical Center. Simply click our donate button on this page, take the steps to make your bear donation and we will take it along with other bears donated for a special delivery to staff at both hospitals. You will brighten the day of a child who needs it most! Thank you for your support!