Discovery Center

The Early Years poster.jpg


As we approach our 50 year anniversary in operation, we enjoy reflecting on our growth and change over the decades. When zoo visitors visit our Discovery Center, they will step back in time to discover the unique beginning of the Alaska Zoo and our progress through the years.

The Discovery Center is located in what used to be the zoo's Gift Shop building. The Center is open during all zoo visiting hours and provides a good warming spot during winter visits and events.

Explore the history and story of the Alaska Zoo through vintage photographs, interpretive displays, hands-on items, and a DVD showing archival zoo footage. You will leave the Discovery Center with an understanding of who we are, where we came from and how we have served the community and wildlife of Alaska for almost 50 years.

Discovery Center vintage photos are a collection taken by Bob Pate, long-time zoo supporter and volunteer. Zoo photographer John Gomes also has images in this collection.