polar bear event anchorage

Party with Polar Bears at the Polar Bear Birthday Party on January 19th!


We hope you will join us for our annual Polar Bear Birthday Party celebration from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, January 19th.

This year we are very excited to partner with Copper River Seafoods who will be building a wonderful ice cake for Lyutyik and Cranbeary, as well as creating a large fish sculpture to be placed in the habitat. The ‘cake’ will be filled with frozen fish, fruits and veggies - all exciting and delectable treats that polar bears love!

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For our party guests (hopefully you!), we will have coloring in the greenhouse and s’mores at the polar bear habitat for all. We hope you will brave the cold to come out and celebrate this very special occasion with the polar bears!

Each year we celebrate the honorary birthday of our polar bears as this is the time of year when all polar bear cubs are born in the comfort of their dens.

We would also like to invite you make a Polar Bear Birthday resolution. While celebrating this iconic species of the Arctic, take a moment to evaluate your day-to-day activities. How will you do something for polar bear and sea ice conservation this year? How will you help polar bears in the wild? Will you lessen your carbon footprint by turning down the heat a few degrees? Will you make more of an effort to reduce your use of plastics and especially one time use plastics? The polar bears need our help and every action you take, no matter how small, will help give them a better chance in the wild.

Thank you and we hope you will join us on January 19th!