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A Unique Zoo


The Alaska Zoo is unique in many ways. We are one of the only zoos in the United States to feature primarily Arctic animal species. We are also very unique in the fact that 90% of our animals are either orphaned or have been injured in the wild. We also place great value on the naturally wooded grounds of our zoo which highlight the beauty of Alaska. Visitors often comment that our zoo feels like a walk in the woods and we try to keep it that way through the maintenance of natural trails. The Alaska Zoo is cozy and we try to provide the best possible environment for the animals in our care and the people who come to visit.

But the most unique thing about the Alaska Zoo is the people. The people who work here are some of the most dedicated and hardworking people you are ever likely to meet. Many of the zookeepers, educators and facilities staff members have been employees for well over 10 years, a few for more than 20 and our Executive Director Pat Lampi has been with the zoo for more than 30 years. It is this dedication and commitment to the zoo and the animals that makes the Alaska Zoo such a special place.

When we look at this dedication to the Alaska Zoo’s mission, we see many examples each day – too many to list here! One recent example is our upcoming Used Book Sale to be held on Saturday, March 24th from 11am to 5pm in the zoo’s Gateway Hall. The idea for this event was developed by the zoo’s Enrichment Coordinator, one of the zookeeping staff members. She wanted to do something new and different that would help raise money for the animals. She took her idea to other dedicated staff members in Education and Development who helped in their way through making the flyer, advertising the event and getting the word out. Our dedicated Gift Shop staff are collecting the used book donations through March 22nd in advance of the sale on March 24th.

With a strong and dedicated team, the Alaska Zoo will continue to grow and flourish into the future. We hope you will join us for this book sale on March 24th, 11am to 5pm. Just come to the Alaska Zoo Gateway Hall, located outside of the zoo entrance. If you are only coming for the book sale or shopping in our Gift Shop, you don’t have to pay an entry fee to the zoo since the building is outside of the gate. All proceeds from the sale go directly to the zoo’s General Fund, the money used to care for animals and continue zoo operations. The zoo would not be the special place it is today without the hard work of its long-time staff members, the enthusiasm of new employees, the dedication of our volunteers and the unflinching support of our donors and community. We are very grateful to be who we are and located where we are – in Alaska!