Saying Goodbye to Summer Babies


Each summer season, the Alaska Zoo works with wildlife authorities to take in and provide care for orphaned and injured animals. Many are babies of the season without mothers to care for them. While we would love to keep them all here, we do not always have room for permanent habitats in addition to our current residents.

We consider the needs of the animal, both for habitat and social requirements. We also consider the needs of our current animal residents and how they would be impacted if animals were added into their lives. In some cases, this is beneficial while it may cause disruption in others.

Zoo staff works closely with wildlife agencies and other zoos to find the best permanent placements for animals we cannot accommodate here. Many zoos across the country have animals who came from Alaska in need of permanent homes. We receive occasional updates from these facilities and develop lines of communication for future animal placements.

We are proud of our mission to find good homes for Alaska's wildlife in need. While animals living out their lives in a wild setting is ideal, this is not always an option given circumstances that occur. We take pride in providing the care they need during critical times in their lives.

It is always hard to say goodbye, but we are glad to see them thrive in their new homes for years to come. They become the favorites of zoo visitors across the country and help zoos to continue their mission of education and conservation. And they always remain in a special place in our hearts.

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