Zoo Animal Updates

The animals of the Alaska Zoo us busy 24/7! Here are some updates and highlights. We want you to have the "scoop"...the news scoop, that is. Not the other kind!

  • Our river otters recently received a new extension area in their habitat for the purpose of allowing more enrichment and activity choices. Zoo photographer John Gomes was there to capture the highlights in this awesome video. The otters always bring a smile to our faces!
  • If you are a regular visitor at the zoo, you may notice that our Dall sheep and mountain goat have done a switch-a-roo of habitats. Zoo staff have signs posted at their enclosures. This was done to provide some interest for them as they explore the forbidden territory of their next door neighbor.
  • Our famous talking magpie George has been moved temporarily to the summer short-eared owl enclosure while some repairs are made to the magpie exhibit netting.

There is never a dull moment at the Alaska Zoo!