membership rules

ONLINE PURCHASES: New membership cards (and Contributor or Benefactor packets if applicable) will be mailed and should be received within 2 (two) weeks from purchase.

ZOO ENTRY USING AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (*see below for excluded events)

  • ONLINE PURCHASES - IMMEDIATE USE: Bring a printed or mobile copy of your confirmation receipt and IDs to enter the zoo using membership during public open hours. NOTE: Receipt is only valid for entry for up to two weeks after date of purchase.


    • Membership card must be presented at Admissions to be scanned for entry to the zoo using your zoo membership.

    • NOTE: Full admission prices will be charged without member card.

    • BRING ID: Be prepared to show ID with your membership. Admissions checks IDs to verify the membership is valid for the person using it.

    • NUMBERS: At Admissions, give the total number of people included on the membership entering at that time.

Last zoo entry is 30 minutes before close. Zoo is cleared at close time.

The Alaska Zoo is open year round. Open hours change by season.


*Exclusion of selected zoo events: See individual event listings for details.

Youth supervision: Youths 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There must be one adult for every five youths 12 years old and under. 

For the safety of youths, groups will be refused entry if they are out of ratio. Groups will be required to leave zoo grounds if zoo staff observes that youths are not being properly supervised.

Improper use of your membership, refusal to follow membership entry procedures, refusal to check-in using the admissions line, or becoming disruptive or belligerent to any zoo staff or toward animals may result in confiscation and cancellation of your membership without refund.

Annual membership benefits:

  • Entry for individuals included on the membership for one year from date of purchase

  • Discounts on Adventure Camps

  • 10% off in the Gift Shop for the full year of membership

Contributor donation of $200 (beyond membership) includes the following added benefits:

  • 5 free one-day guest tickets (up to $75 value)

  • 10% coffee shop discount all year

Benefactor donation of $400 (beyond membership) includes the following added benefits:

  • 1 free Behind-the-Scenes tour Gift Certificate for up to 5 people ($250 value)

  • 5 free one-day guest tickets (up to $75 value)

  • 10% coffee shop discount all year

Adding additional adults or children to membership: You may add adults or children to your membership at any time at Admissions only. However, additions do not alter the original membership expiration date and the applicable added fees will not be prorated. To provide current cards reflecting additions made after the original purchase date, a $1 per card fee will be charged.

Lost, damaged, or worn out membership card: Membership cards can be replaced for $1 per card. Request duplicates and pay at Admissions.

No name changes are allowed after one (1) month from purchase.

No refunds are given for memberships.

Contributor and Benefactor donations may be tax deductible. 

Alaska Zoo Fed ID 92-0039344

Thank you for your support of the Alaska Zoo. Your membership plays a vital role in helping us to continue our mission of animal care, conservation and education. We appreciate your membership in our zoo family!