Animal Adoptions

Adoptions run for one year from purchase date and can be renewed. Adoption fees are tax deductible, less any goods/services received. All funds go directly to animal care.

Animal adoptions are offered year-round and make great gifts for kids, family, friends, co-workers and employees. Anyone can adopt, including individuals or groups. Check out our new School Animal Adoption Program for classrooms, school groups and PTAs! Animal adoption fees are tax deductible less any goods/services received and funds go directly to animal care.


adoption recognition

All adoptive parents receive the following:

  • Names displayed on Zoo Parents Board

  • Adoption certificate, animal history sheet, and letter of adoption

  • Invitation to Zoo Parent Night for two (event held each summer)

Adoptive parents at higher levels receive the following perks in addition to above:

  • $100 level: All above plus two extra guests to Zoo Parent Night.

  • $200 level: All above plus a guided tour for two (admission fees apply).

  • $300 level: All above plus their name displayed near their animal's habitat.

  • $500 level: All above plus a behind-the-scenes feeding with their animal for two people and two guests on the tour.

  • $1,000 level: All above plus ten one-time admissions.


adoption levels

  • $30: Jacob's sheep, magpie, flying squirrel, petting zoo goat, rooster

  • $50: Miniature donkey, mink, sharp-shinned hawk, short-eared owl

  • $75: Great gray owl, peregrine falcon, porcupine, raven, red-tailed hawk

  • $100: Great horned owl, red fox, Sitka deer, swan, wolverine

  • $200: Alpaca, coyote, Dall sheep, golden eagle, lynx, reindeer, river otter

  • $250: Bald eagle, mountain goat, muskox, Tibetan yak

  • $300: Bactrian camel, black bear, moose

  • $500: Brown bear, harbor seal, wolf

  • $1,000: Tiger, polar bear, snow leopard

  • If you choose to mail in your adoption instead of purchasing online, download and print this PDF form.

  • Note: Adoptions are non-refundable. New animals will be assigned at the same level in the event of them passing.